March 24, 2010

I got saved until I went to church

I don't really have a place in my life for religion - it kills me. And websites like this one remind me that it's good to be real.

One of my friends sent me a link today which talks about the types of books she really can't stand. It was pretty funny. It's called 'Francine Rivers, the Thoenes and other books with windswept people on the cover'.

What a cool website ( They have a book as well. The book cover is pretty funny (see below). Click on the image to enlarge. "Three or four blessing pats". Haha.

You can also become a fan on facebook - some more funny stuff there. In the group photos I found this image:

It was probably made by an atheist (or perhaps not). But how valid - well most of the time in my experience. If only most christians knew Jesus.